Wednesday, 23 April 2014

SS14 Fashion Trends; My Summary...

So excited for the summer (especially the weather) and the fashion trends this year, they're with styles I love; femininity, colour and fresh.
Here is my summary of my favourite trends to look forward to and the styles to grab on to this Spring/Summer! ♥

  • Crop top and the Midi.
    A trend that has strengthened from SS13 and AW13 I'm sure this Summer will be at the height of this trend so tone up those tummies to show them off! Definitely a favourite of mine as it's paired with one of my favourite garments the midi skirt, either pencil skirt or 50's flare it's pure beautiful.

  • Arty
    Designers got creative for this Spring Sumer with the inspiration of the paintbrush, strongly seen on the catwalk designs here by Prada and Celine (below). Keep your eyes peeled for many imitations this season, below are just a couple from the high street by Zara and River Island.

  • Sporty
    Another trend going stronger then ever this season is the androgynous look of the sporty luxe. Whether it is a pair of tailored trousers or a bomber jacket, paired with heels or flats its comfy chic at its best.

  • White, Pastels, Monochrome and YELLOW
    Already mentioned white above and my favourite colour scheme Pastels which comes hand in hand with Spring like floral prints. Monochrome has made another comeback this year whether it's a black and white print or teaming both colours together you can definitely be trendy with this look. My favourite of all the colours this season however is the zesty yellow! Not really done as it's such a strong and daring colour for people, but after being sick of black on black I love how colourful and lively this mellow colour is bringing life into collections in stores! Have fun with it ♥

Thursday, 10 April 2014

10 Random Facts...

The thing I love most about blogs, and my favourite types, are that they're personal to each 'author'. Even with many similarities they're all individual. Bringing me onto todays post of 10 random facts that you don't know about me, that are personally individual and represent me even if just a little bit. I have seen bloggers do this and even though I haven't been nominated as such I'd still like to share with you just so you know a little bit more about me  ♥

  1. My initials spell NEW
  2. I got my first Iphone for my 20th Birthday (January this year)
  3. I'm a foodie; especially chicken and chocolate (not together, that would be weird.)
  4. I wear socks to bed almost always.
  5. The furthest I have travelled to is Mexico (twice.)
  6. My current favourite TV show is Suits (obsessed, and I haven't watched much shows since I moved to London as I don't have a TV!)
  7. At Starbucks I order a Caramel Macchiato. In Costa I'll have a Caramel Latte.
  8. I have never been to a concert or festival (sad? yeh...) or watched Finding Nemo!
  9. The best cocktail I've had was a called a 'bun bun'
  10. When I was younger I used to want to be an estate agent. I even wrote a poem about it...

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