Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year Resolutions...

...are pretty much non existant by March at the latest, but it's always hopeful to believe they could last.
So keeping hope I have had concluded that 2013 will come with the differences of promises made on 1st January 2013. Thinking very Bridget Jones on this topic of post, however starting a diary definitely isn't on the list- as diary no.4 realised it was a struggle to fill.
  1. Become fit, healthy and finally feel comfortable with my body. Probably the most popular and most boring of resolutions, yet after Christmas the food goes and routine starts but to a new year means a new start and so exercise and healthy food comes into place- it really is down to lazyness, and I am one of many to be lazy.
  2. Dont let others get me down or be afraid to be myself- be happy all the time.
    I'll let you borrow this one too as I
    believe if everyone was happy, kind
    and laid back life would be so much
    more fun! (yes I'm writing this
    watching Mamma Mia- who wouldn't
    want to live in a musical?...occasionally.)  
  3. Become organised and do things
    weeks ahead instead of an hour ahead.

    This is mainly related to College work but as I start University in September I want to be able to do this well so work doesn't get on top of me and I can remain ahead of work and not stressed.
  4. Document life all the time; Photos every week
    I love photos, the make you remember times, show off your friends and fun you have- probably my favourite resolution and will come into place more from my Birthday on wards- Hello new amazing camera= hello beautiful pictures!
Happy New Year! 
Be safe, be happy and hope this year brings you nothing but fun and love!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Honestly, me...

I love going out for dinner, cocktails, cinema... I don't love clubbing- but I'm 18 so i'll pretend.
I love Glamour magazine and Marie Claire... I like pictures and fun not stook up and expensive; sorry Vogue.
I wear heels with straps so I don't fall out of pumps that don't hold my feet it.
I laugh alot because I love to, but put up a shield of quiet and shy.
I studied History in 5 years of high school and through A-levels but can't remember a thing of what I was taught...who was fighting and why in World War 1?
I have a lot of pink in my room, but hardly any clothing because I don't want to be seen as a barbie. 
I don't know if the course i'm majoring in at University is what I really want to do in my life..will I enjoy it, will I regret it?
Really want to do a dance class, but not independent enough to go it solo.
Hates children but secretely, maybe, a little bit...may have one when I'm older; we're talking 35+.
Had a completely, deeply obsessive crush over a guy in high school who turns out to become one of my now closest friends boyfriend. He's still pretty but personality has let me down a bit. Crush definitely gone. Phew.
Thinking my parents wished me and my brother could have become doctors, pilots or air hostess (mum does) and are secretely dispointed that we chose the creative routes of Fashion (me) and Journalism (him). Even if it's not said and they speak of how proud they are. 
Getting the Michael Bubé 2013 Calender again this year, and slightly hoping i had gotten concert tickets instead. 
Not having a specific taste in music and not really knowing what genre fits which. I like Beyonce, Bublé and Norah Jones- which category am I?
Hating and feeling shit whenever someone asks 'Do you have a boyfriend yet?'
Can not wait to move to London to have some space from my family, but hating when I'm alone in the house.
This is just how I am...honestly ♥

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas!
I love christmas because it means...
    1. Family
    2. Food
    3. Favourite things; movies, laughing, home!
Hope you're Christmas is amazing and you have so much fun! 
Lots of love ♥

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Clothes Show...

On Tuesday me and a friend went to the Clothes Show Live together at the NEC in Birmingham. For all you non-Uk'ers (yes I did just write that- awful english), the Clothes show is a yearly event that lasts 5 days in December which is held at a concert hall in England holding more than 200 stalls of retailers, designers, botiques and University fashion, Jewellery and make up products being sold. These exist of one off clothing botiques, vintage clothes stalls, shoe stalls and loads more. It was my first time attending but I know loads of friends who have been before and it used to be on the TV too (I miss it). It was an overwhelming day. We were there for about 6-8 hours, as it was the last day of the event lots of the stuff was being discounted to get rid of their stock. As well as these stalls there was of course a runway show with local retailers and designer clothes being modeled for thousands of girls to have the pleasure of watching. My camera is on its way out so I got hardly any photos that I was hoping for :( A proper Camera for Christmas please? Despite the failing camera, It was such an amazing day I had so much fun and can't wait for next year ♥

Definitely recognise this model but don't know what from- hence the many pictures, do you know who he is or what work he's done?
And of course, you can't close a clothes show without doing the gangnam dance.

Unfortunataley David Gandy didn't model;very disapointed. But I have to admit- it was a good show.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

If I was a rich girl, na na na na...

As I've expressed before, I'm not the richest gal. Money doesn't mean much to me, I just know it buys you nice things-things that could come in handy. If I was a rich girl, I would get these not-so-handy-but-oh-so-dreamy things... ♥

Paul smith Love Globe £169
Poariod camera £69

Pendleton bike £299

A pair of Christian Louboutin heels £795
Armani sungasses £108

P.s. If anyone is feeling generous this Christmas holiday just let me know :)  

Monday, 10 December 2012

When you wish hard enough... just might come true.
So I think after all the stress, all the troubles and all the tiredness that life has been like this few weeks- possibly even months, something exciting happened only a few hours ago that I just have to share with everyone. Eventhough you may find it boring and irrelevant, you're still going to know.
Was stressful (suprise) at college and I didn't end up leaving till 6pm when I finished at 3. But on my drive home I had a message on my i got home, went on my email and there waiting for me to lighten up my days was an offer for my first choice University! Remember that post on Westminster open day that I attended? Well thats the one. So happy! If all goes well, I will be moving away from my quiet country home to the top fashion city and head of the country; London. So excited ♥

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The good, the bad, and the crazy...

...this pretty much sums up my previous week and the weeks up to Christmas as I can imagine. I'm really sorry for the lack of posts- I am just as irritated to not have the time or inspiration to have made amazing posts for you this last week. However, my week was filled with good moments; had a successful inteview and open day at one of my University choices- which means I won't be working at my local supermarket next year definitely at a University! The bad; my mother is very sick these last few weeks and in lots fo pain so have been taking her to doctors appointments and running aorund for medicines etc. And the plain, right crazy; had to train someone as part of my college course, lots of depressing thick assignments and everyday I haven't been at college I have been at work dealing with the Christmas customer rush. So - this is my apology post. Stay tuned this week though and i promise to finish my aready started posts of Christmas, Celebs and fashion AW12 trends - the usual really?♥

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Update; Skint...

Summer 2013 me and a friend are taking a 3 week trip to Italy going by Train so we can stop in the different countries on the way; France, Switzerland. I'm so excited about this and we'll talk about it more in another post nearer the time.
However, from December onwards (2 days from now-eek!) I will have to scrimp and scrape and save every single penny I'm given as it's obviously going to be one expensive trip- but once in a lifetime one I'm sure. Due to me going to University and getting straight into a career afterwards from September 2013 onwards, this basically is the last year I can be flexible and go places before I'm schedualed into plan. With Christmas now offically coming, I have to think about pressents and sale or no sale I can't buy anything new for myself until my holiday- It's going to be the hardest thing ever! The point to this rant? How am I going to survive on not spending?! Here are just a few things I will be doing that anyone can do to save the money, it is worth it- I hope. A little bit of money can go along way by saving on just a few things ♥

DIY Nails; 
My friend gets her nails done every 2 weeks- this can be gel nails to acrylics. But do you really want to get out of bed on a rainy saturday to go chat to a stranger who is filing down your nails? Get a bright nail varnish, put 2/3 layers on and 2 layers of clear gloss- voila you have professional nails. I have been asked by strangers, customers and friends "Are those gels?/ Where are they from?" And there I saved £30.

Homemade sandwitch/ tin soup;
Even if it is one day a week at work, take in that tin of soup from the cupboard or put some leftover roast chicken on some bread and take it with you! It will be suprisingly yummy and save you a fiver on a Subway sandwich.

Rent a book from the library;
Even if it's for a couple of weekends you lose yourself in your imagination (highly reccomend 50 shades of grey for doing this) you stop yourself for splashing out on the high street, entertain yourself from the cinema and keeps you away from the double digit spending on cocktails. Most importantly; you don't have a 48hour hangover wasted day in bed.

Have a movie marathon night in with the girls;
Whenever my friends want to meet up, they reccomend going for a night out. But when 12 girls are invited out about 4 of them have the cash to buy a new outfit, afford the taxi and spend on drinks and club entry. So why not try a night IN? I know it's always said but I always enjoyed these more- no need for make up and a tight dress to go out in the cold where you have to dance to pure noise with complete strangers. Where was the catch up and talking that was the purpose for this meeting? Bring your favourite movies, use up all the leftover chocalte in the house and get THEM to bring whatever goodies they want. Saved yourself, and them, at least £60/£70 that day and had a genuine hilarious catch up.

New Clothes! From ebay, friends and family; 
You'd be suprised how much clothes, jewellrey and furnitue off ebay is brand new! I'm talking high street shops such as Zara, to designers such as Louis Vuitton. Brand new seasonal items where people just forgot to take it back or got it as an unwanted gift. Whatever you need its there- and so cheap! Other ways are rooting through your friends/families wardrobe and finding out how much they wear it, if they offer it to you- genious! If they don't, just ask to borrow and you still have that brand new un-seen outfit. So simple and free! 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

When superheros meet...

A few weeks ago I was wonder woman. As it was a friends birthday, a suprise party was made and set up by his girlfriend; my work colleague and friend. So glad I went -who knew superheros could have so much fun? Pictures pretty much do the talking, when catwoman, Mrs Flash and Captain-ess America get together great things happen

Monday, 26 November 2012

Eating in style...

Last week was my brothers graduation, and we as a family as well as my brothers girlfriend and her family had dinner together in a beautiful restaurant/club called 'The Grand Café'.
Although dinner was average and overpriced, I think the decor and environment made up for it. It was very lovely. Unfortunately I forgot my camera that evening so you'll have to make do with my phone pictures- sorry! ♥

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Don't shame me...I watched the last ever Twilight...

..and it was amazing. I was impressed. I've read all the books and watched all the films and it was the first sequal where i've read and watched the entire collection. I never read the Harry Potter Books; only got to the 3rd film. Didn't read the Lord of the rings; missed the last film. Watched the first Hunger Games film, not read any books didn't really find it as good as I thought it woud be. And my new obsession sequal is of course; 50 shades of grey. I've read all 3 books. Twice. Not looking forward to the films though; they NEVER live up to the expectations of the books. Going to miss the Twilight phenomenom though. Don't shame me for liking it- I am a typical girl :) ♥

Friday, 16 November 2012

The Skater Skirt...

Hello new trend. Well actually, developed-old-trend-similarly-pleated-skirt-but now available in leather.Who cares; it's cute, girly an edgy. I like. The best part? You can wear it day and night, with tights or not and can be super casual or super hot but both ways it will be super stylish ♥

  1. Forever21
  2. River Island
  3. Asos
  4. Boohoo
  5. Miss Selfridges
  6. Topshop