Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Week...

On Monday I got to have in lie in! These are so great after that horrible Sunday feeling. Do you get them too? Like when you were in school and you have to do your homework, have a bath, your mom gets your uniform ready and you go to bed early. Hate that feeling.
On Tuesday I spent all day painting at my dads work, boom earned £50!
On Wednesday my car broke down in the middle of some woods. Ever experienced that moment when the clutch pedal goes down...and doesn't come back up? And! I was by myself. Great, had to wait 3 hours before I could move. Best day, ever.
On Thursday, I had my hair done- I got her to do exactly what I wanted; success!
On Friday, I made cupcakes :) Good Friday meant family at home- Yay. 
On Saturday, I had work boo :( Then Drinks and dancing with colleagues, yay!
On Sunday-Easter Sunday- The clocks went forward which meant i only had 3 hours sleep- hungover for sure and had the joy of a 2 hours car journey to Manchester to see the family as it was also my Auntie's birthday! Was so lovely to see everyone, always fun.
Now tired, looking forward to a week of absolute laziness and friend time with my girls. Hope your week has been a fun one.
Happy Easter!! ♥

Friday, 29 March 2013


Happy Good Friday!
I've realised over the past few years I have made cupcakes at Easter? Look at me-I've made a tradition for myself!
Well I won't stop now!
I hope you're Easter is starting fun! What do you think of my cupcakes? ♥

First batch was um...colourful. Strawberry flavoured frosting (one blue one for my dad, I thought it was more manly)

Second batch was my favourite. It was all homemade by me (except the eggs on top) But I was most impressed with them. Yum Yum.

Then I got to lick the bowl. Yay. 
Happy Easter ♥

Thursday, 28 March 2013

OOTD: Boyfriend Jeans...

Yes I got some! Finally. I have done nothing but search for a nice pair of boyfriend jeans at an affordable price. And just my luck, these bad boys were in the sale for £15. That's a bargain I love! I have seen some in Zara and Mango but I managed to swipe these before they got away. 
Wishing this crappy wintery weather would go away so I could wear them with flat pumps or wedges. Lots of outfits I'm sure these will be in this summer ♥

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Snow for Spring?

Since when does it snow in spring/Summer? It's April in 4 days and there is snow on the ground. This is very depressing after 6 months of rain, wind and under 10degrees of weather I have been counting down the days when I could leave my jacket at home and get an ice cream! :( No luck so far, thank you UK. Easter isn't looking so sunshiney (Yes I made that word up). Hope your easter is nice and sunny. Enjoy it for me? ♥
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Monday, 18 March 2013

Bad Blogger's Bad Weeks...

Sorry I've been MIA for almost 2 weeks. I feel so bad from not posting . I promise there are a list of excuses;
  1. It's almost easter half term- lots of college work has been given these past two weeks as we are finishing two subjects by Friday so its an overload of work. This means I have been endlessly tired.
  2. Two people are leaving my work's- I'm not a big fan of my job, I believe you have to have a passion for the work you are doing for it to be done well and for you to be motivated to do it. I am niether to Jewellery, unless its costume jewellery. But feeling guilty about this, I have a colleague who is leaving, and another that was dismissed but now has been brought there have been alot of hours I've had to cover.
  3. Had friends and family down- now like anyone, I'm sure you know this comes first. After all the work is done, money has gone they'll still be there. So spend it with them while you can.
  4. Some arse reversed into my car when it was parked on my drive and drove off without so much as note. Thank you my light is now broken.

Coming soon; lots of posts to make up for my bad blogging. Promise ♥

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Zara Shoes...

If I had just a little bit more money, I could quite happily spend it on the items at Zara. It is like torture looking on the website with the so many gorgeous things I want but by no means could I afford the item- they're not expensive, to someone working full time, but to a part time worker/part time student; it is. I want Zara blouses, jackets, jeans and most of all shoes! They are just so ahead of Fashion and in style with trends and much classier then the ordinary shoes I get. I want ♥

-My favourite are their court heels! If any of you are feeling generous I'd like them in strawberry or electric blue; I'm not picky ;) ♥

Monday, 4 March 2013



 After 10 months of writing and photographing completely random news, thoughts and life I'm still going strong and loving it so much! I'm so excited to develop it as pretty much a 'life project' that I want to capture all my life moments, all my thoughts and all things happening right now. I thank you for viewing, following and commenting it makes me happy to know you like it just as much as I do. So heres to another 100, a first 1000, and if I'm crazy 10,000! 
Wish me and my blog the best of luck on Fashion, Style, Fun and life!
Lots of love...
Natalie ♥