Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So thats where my money went...

Just a quick post to show you all my new things! Was going try and get my hair done today but thought I'd wait for my deliveries to arrive first and thats what's happened all day, not too sure what the neighbours think of all these vans turning up with packages for me to sign... ah well, future post to go through the purchases but here's a sneak peak at what I bought ♥

Peter Pan Collar Dress...

I've recently grown an obsession with outfits with a Peter Pan collar. I'm on the look out for a dress with one as I think the blouses and dresses are so cute and girly that it is a must for my wardrobe. I did a post on Vintage wear and how I think that blouses and dresses with frills and collars and buttons look so pretty that I think this Peter Pan collar is very similar- I'm on the lookout and hunting through the shops to add this look to my future outfits. But for now here are the current dresses available ♥
Both dresses; Zara

Dress 1; H&M                                       Dress 2;

Dress 1;                      Dress 2; Karen Millen

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dogtooth Print...

I'm seeing alot of Dogtooth print lately, I don't know if it's because I know it's one the designs for AW12 or there is just simply alot of it in the shops but I've already ordered a top with the print and I'm liking the trouser prints too. Is it just me? Take a look...♥


  1. Top -          Bank -
  2. Jumper -     Topshop - 
  3. Jeans -        River Island -
  4. Purse -        ASOS -
  5. Blouse -       Dorothy Perkins - 
  6. Shorts -       Internacionale -
  7. Scarf -         FarFetch - 
  8. Pencil Skirt - Miss Selfridge -

Friday, 24 August 2012

I was bad...

I've had a couple days off work this week with nothing to do-it seems like ages since I last did nothing, and as this was so alien to me I was drawn to a bad thing in easy access that I shouldn't have done... I did online shopping.
I thought about going out and window shopping, not spending any of my hard earned money unless there was something I really needed- like a new pair of jeans, my last ones ripped so it's an obvious choice. But then I decided; "Why change out of my PJ's and walk around spending money on fuel and carparking when I can sit right here and shop?" Which cost me lots of money... I'm hoping it will all be okay when the clothes come and I realise I did a good thing and have gorgeous outfits that will- most likely impossibly- squeeze into my already overflowing wardrobe. But right now I'm avoiding my online bank and ATM machines... and I didn't get a single pair of jeans ♥

Parka Parka...

So this year I've decided to get organised. I start back at College in a couple of weeks and I know this year is going to be very chaotic and stressful with lots of work as it's my final year, dealing with University applications for next year, going to open days etc. Then theres christmas in 4 months! I'm planning on taking lots of road trips with the friends that are not going to Uni this year to visit the friends that have. A little busy eh?
Anywho, Autumn is coming! I know it's still Autumn but it will creep up on you quicker then you think and before you know it you will be in coats and wellies again. What I'm looking at already-and here is where my organisation comes into it- is Parkas. I've never really had a Parka but I've recently found gorgeous ones with fur inside to keep me warm as well as being light weight and having a hood! It's kind of perfect. So here are a few of my favourite Parkas in the shops already! ♥
Matalan £32                                                       Topshop £95

Republic £55                                                     Dorothy Perkins £55  

Urban Outfitters £98                                        Zara £89.99

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Actual model material...

Mr David Gandy.

There are always things I moan about in Britain; the weather, the Government, the trashy tv (yes I am talking Eastenders) but more often that not, other things do make me very proud; Fashion of all things is my number one. And as well as the eclectic street styles and globally successful designers of Burberry and Stella McCartney, are the just as important (and just as fabulous) world known talented models. And one British model, a Gent no doubt, is the fabulous David Gandy- aka 'The white pants guy' due to his very successful, well known work with Dolce and Gabbana- sexy advert no?
At the London Olympics closing ceremony, as it was British themed, models were included into the show such as Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Naomi Campbell, Georgia Jagger and of course himself, the most successful male supermodel, David Gandy. Aswell as being obviously handsome, he has beautiful taste in fashion and writes his own blog on It's not very often that men are noticed for their fashion. Not to be sexist, but traditional. Men have strength and brains, women can multitask and know what shoes look good with an outfit- most of them. However, when in a sea of hoodies and trainers it is noticed when a fitted jacket with well polished brogues appear. It is rare, it is impressive and it's very attractive. So, of course, the pictures included are to show off David's tailored smart style and fashionable sense, that I believe all men should take note from... its just a perk that he's pretty

 Mr Gandy looking sharp in his casual wear, with the popular item being a classic pair of jeans.

And of course looking dapper in a suit, wearing a waistcoat and handkerchief in jacket pocket is very 1950's fashion- I love ♥

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Made In England...

It may be because of the Olympics and that UK came THIRD - which is just crazy for our tiny country but it has me thinking about England alot. Living somewhere all your life makes you immune to most things, however as I travel and holiday around the world it makes me sum up the things I love and hate about England. Now not to moan or even put you off from visiting the UK, there are a few things I...dislike about England;
  • The un-predictable, forever miserable weather
  • The cringe-worthy soap operas on TV, complete opposite of the glossy 'fabulous' US shows
  • The guys who think they're tough and look cool when they actually look like total douche-bags and to be honest scare me a little- we call these Chavs.
  • Not having a pool in every garden, I know it's uncessary but It's nice to atleast be considered
  • The lack of decent gentlemanly mannered smoldering men...
Okay okay, somethings are just never going to change where I live, but something I love to stay the same and make me proud to be British

  • The character in old homes, churches and buildings
  • The traditional country pubs in almost every village
  • Great British films; James Bond, Harry Potter, Notting Hill etc
  • The amazing fashion that we style, everyone seems to be dressed differently whether it works or not- it's like art, it's subjective and I love all of it
  • We can be patriotic when we want to; shy away the rest of the year but at the Jubilee, Royal Weddings and London Olympics we get together, all become friends and wave our flags.

Just a part of being English I guess...♥

Friday, 17 August 2012

Colourful scarves...

I know it's August, but the dark skies and heavy rains have got me thinking it's Autumn already! Even though i'm still waiting for summer to get started so I can wear shorts and sandals and lounge around in the grass, I do love Autumn; the colours in the trees, the new season coats and the colourful layered knits.
What I'm looking into already is scarves. I think they always style up an outfit and with a bold colour they make anyone look original and desirable. While I wait for them to come out for Autumn/Winter 2012, here is previous looks that I will be matching ♥

 Rachel Bilson
Blake Lively
 Sarah Jessica Parker

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I'm better again...

Sorry I've been MIA for a week, I had food poisoning which is always lovely and was literally in bed for 48 hours straight, which I never do- I atleast move to the living room or get comfort food from the Kitchen. However from all this I lost half a stone! ...But of course this has all been put back on now due to my appetite coming back and my chocolate and coke cola fetish being restored. And now I'm better again :) And just to show you how well I'm eating again I display my desert from our girly dinner last night ... ♥

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sick again...

Note to self; Always read the packet before cooking.
Body doesn't like it.
Thats all.