Monday, 30 April 2012

Hunter Wellies...

British weather consists of alot of rain, sometimes snow and occasionally sun. With this in mind I invested in a pair of Hunter wellies a couple of years ago; the best wellies I've ever had. As well as being the designer status of the Welly family, they are the best at actually keeping the water out! And with flood warnings in places near where I live due to the rain storms- they're the perfect accessory to go with my raincoat. For walking, puddles and festivals I introduce the Hunter Wellies ♥

Saturday, 28 April 2012


I love Jeans. They are the perfect garnment to have in every wardrobe- a must have.
You can wear them as casual; shopping, running errands, going to the cinema.
You can wear them dressed up; flared with wedges, skinny with heels
or just ripped old classic Jeans to paint your room. 
And there are so many types, colours, prints etc. 
The best part about wearing Jeans, is knowing celebrities do too- no need to buy the Christian Loubiton heels now, I wear Jeans like them!
putting words into pictures here's a look at the piece of clothing that will never get old; Jeans.
 Best of British; Sienna Miller in cropped blue jeans, Kate Moss in skinny grey jeans and Victoria Beckham in flared dark jeans.
Rachel Bilson is my favourite fashion style idol. I love her easy laid back look that looks effotless but so fashionable and pretty. Denim is a top favourite for her with Jeans and shorts, here she opts for flared, skinny (my all time favourite outfit of her- it may be the bright scarf and leather jacket) and boyfriend jeans.
Even curvy girls can look great in skinnies, Kim Kardashian as always looking beautiful opts for ripped Jeans as a favourite and teams them well with killer heels.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Cookies and cupcakes...

In another life I would like to have my own bakery/café, just so I have an actual excuse for making cakes. 
Yet again, because it's Friday and my mums birthday tomorrow, I baked!
The cookies are a bit 'overdone' but the cupcakes taste lovely! Just a quick look into what I did today ♥

What's in my bag...

I wasn't going to do this post yet as I have alot of different clothes related posts ready to research into first, but as it's Friday and I have alot to do today I thought this would be quick and easy and as I am such a nosey person I love seeing this post on other blogs. 
I love having a big bag as it lets me keep in all my essentials plus all the other things you wouldn't think you need but come in super handy. Aswell as sneaking in your own food & drink into the cinema. Take a look at what's inside my bag ♥

  1.  Notebook for notes and lists wherever i am an need to remember things; College, Café, Supermarket etc
  2. Filofax for my diary notes on when I'm in work, when assignments are due etc
  3. Raybans I always have a pair or two of sunglasses in my bag aswell as a pair in my car
  4. Hairbrush and bobby pins for when it's hot or i'm driving or just having a bad hair day
  5. Nail polish remover pads which is very rare in a handbag but you'll never know how much this comes in handy when I'm at work and nail polish is chipped it looks so crappy
  6. Purse in chinese style which was a gift that I love, inside is alot of coins, cards, ID and many loyalty cards and gift cards
  7. Hand gel
  8. Lacoste perfume always needed for a spritz when i'm out and about
  9. Vaseline, Rimmel Coral lipstic & Revlon concelar
  10. Kleenex tissues are used up more from my friends then I use them but definitely a must
  11. Strepsils are only a current need due to my crappy cold
  12. Socks, as I wear alot of dolly shoes in british weather it is good to wear socks for when it rains or just cold
  13. And finally Keys; house keys, car keys and alot of keychains.
  14. Oh and my handbag of course which is from Accesorize years ago, awaiting a new one- it's on my wishlist.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Night Out...

So I'm sick. I have a nasty cold and as a result I am wrapped in a blanked with tissues and chocolate watching dopey romantic films instead of getting ready for a night of drinking and clubbing. But since I'm forced to stay in, here is what I could have worn for a night out.
For me, legs have to be on show, I'm not one to where leggings and jeans when going dancing so dresses, skirts and shorts are my go-to bottoms. The downside to dresses is you can only wear it once or twice a year, where as with skirts and shorts all you have to do is change the top and heels and you've got a brand new outfit, but with a dress it is the 'safe' option and the most girliest!There are too many pretty dresses for me to show you so until another post, here I am just going to show you what looks good on the bottoms. Take a look at what's in store if you're looking for inspiration ♥

The Bodycon Skirt
Available at H&M  (Picture one & Two) or with some glitter available at Topshop

The Pleated Skirt

Available at Forever21 (Picture one and two) or with block colour pink available at miss selfridges

Sequins and lace shorts

Sparkly, sexy sequin shorts are just the perfect party wear, get some like Nicole Scherziner from ASOS

So gorgeous, lace must be the girliest fabric around and I can't wait to get myself a pair of lace shorts like these from River Island.