Monday, 8 April 2013

Bad Habits...

  1. Being a Coke cola addict
    Before you worry I mean Coke Cola, I am always drinking Caffeine. And I get withdrawal symptoms when I go 48hours without- not good!
  2. Picking off nail varnish
    -This annoys my mom more than anything, especially when she finds it on her carpet... I'm sure you've done it where its chipped, it's easy to come off and it saves money on nail varnish remover- win win!
  3. Ordering a burger instead of a salad
    -I may be a girl but I did not dress up to eat something I could make at a supermarket.
  4. I leave Business work to the last minute
    -Now if I was doing something I enjoyed like fashion, I'm sure this would be a moot point. But since I have to write reports on supply and demand, ethics in a business and how an event is run in a team... I can only do this under pressure, like a day before the deadline. Not good. 
  5. Going to bed without taking off make up
    -Happens mainly when I'm tired, but I'm pretty confident it occurs to 90% of make up users, such a chore!
  6. Always having the red light on my petrol tank flash...
    -Petrol is expensive!
  7. Staying in bed longer than I should
    -I was so surprised when I found out I was the only 19year old who stays in bed till 11 sometimes 12 on a Sunday. Is that too much of a lie in? 
  8. Not saying what I really want at the hairdressers
    -I like to be a people pleaser and hate conflict. But what I really should say at the hairdressers is no to a fringe and stop cutting it so short! I want it looooong. :(
  9. Liking older music than the current top40-I know I'm young but I prefer Etta James and Aretha Franklin over One Direction- Those children don't have as much quality experience. 
  10. When I start a good book I tend to stay up to till 4am until it's finished
    -They mean what they say when readers say you can't put it down, I literally can't. 
  11. Neglecting my blog! :(
    -Had to add this as I'm feeling this is a main one lately. When you have lack of inspiration, crappy weather is limiting things to do and less pictures are being taken posts become a minimum. Bad habit #11.


  1. I hear you on so many of these. But recognition is the first step to improvement, right? x

  2. Bad habits are bad!!