Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hey It's Okay...

...to have an addiction to Glamour Magazine
...to get your clothes off eBay and tell people its brand new from the retail store on the label
...to say your going to be healthy from now on and it only lasts a week 
...to lie about how much that hairdressers appointment really cost 
...to prefer a movie night in your sweats then having to dress up for a night out
...to laugh so hard no sound comes out 
..to still be slightly scared by Michael Jacksons thriller video(only the wolf change bit...)
...if you still don't know how to work Twitter
...to be raging mad when someone "forgets" to reply to your text, but you do it all the time anyway
...to procrastinate by looking at youtube videos. Those talking dogs sure do keep you entertained
...if you are secretly wishing for some money in that birthday card
...to not have watched Lost till the end and have no idea if they got off that Island?
...to have lots of frames in your house but with no photos in- they're on facebook anyway
...to spend your 'saving up money' on a new pair of shoes- you can never have enough shoes.
...to be a little bit of a hoarder. Hey, one day I might need that scrabble board with missing letters. 
 ...to wave back to that stranger in the car beeping you. Along with the other 4 people waving in front of you.
...to get excited when your underwear and bra match. 

1 comment:

  1. Haha definitely agree with loads of these ;) x