Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Strappy Sandals...

I have loved this heel style for ages! I don't know when I first fell in love with them but I always remember Rosie Huntington Whitely wearing a pair similar (though her pair will be designer no doubt) worn with a red suit on the red carpet.
I've seen them in Zara, on stylishpick.com and on the most stylish of celebs. I've wanted them so long but (as I always stress) I'm just a poor struggling student- with an unfortunate expensive taste. However, I like finding a bargain. Whether it be in Primark, on eBay or at my local carboot sale, If I like it, want it and can afford it I'll probably being buying it.
So I found a pair of these strappy sandal heels for only £12! What?! So I couldn't resist, I got 2 pairs. 1 black and 1 red. And my mum managed to swig the red pair for £10 instead; "theres a mark on those can you discount them a little?" she batted her eyelashes at the till lady and somehow was granted over 10% off. That's two pair of my favourite new sandals for £22! Zara? Double that for one pair. Safe to say I'm pretty happy right now ♥


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