Friday, 13 December 2013


I have always been one of those people that hate it when people start celebrating Christmas right after Halloween- it's everywhere; in homes, shops on the tv. I'm no Grinch, I love Christmas, but celebrating a whole 2 months ahead will just lessen the excitement and increase the disappointed for when the time does come, no? No! This year I have been converted to a Christmas lover/celebrator/believer before December. It's November 15th and I feel like a child again counting the days till the big 25th. Maybe it is because I am far away from home, maybe it's because I am in London and celebrations are over the top here, and maybe it is because I saw Selfridges windows and couldn't help myself from smiling. Christmas is so beautiful and I love that this time of year it is about, more than anything, love. No matter what worries and problems are in your life just spending that one day with the ones you love make everything worthwhile. So let me be the first this year to wish you a very Merry Christmas for the weeks to come! ♥

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