Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Good Pair of Jeans...

Every fashionista has about 10. At least.
My most worn pair is my trusty Topshop black pair. Black goes with everything, so easy to pair it with- so if you're looking to get a statement garment, that would be it.
2014's jean trend already?
The Boyfriend Jean;

I've already mentioned my love for these in post#1 and found my favourite in post#2, and they are coming back better than ever this year. They're definitely a rebellious choice on the traditional skinny jeans we've all been living in. Although I would be hesitant to wear my boyfriend jeans in winter, (I find them more of a sandal, wedges and heel outfit) you definitely can! I have even been living in them this winter because they're so comfy and with my heeled boots they look good. If you haven't got a pair already, I would recommend them for this spring.

The other jean trend I am in love with and in-hunt for right now;

The Leather-look;
Not necessarily jeans but any leather/leather-look trousers, jeans and leggings. I have a pair of pvc leggings and they are great at adding a sexy/edgy/original look to your outfit. However if you are looking for an everyday look I'd pick up a pair of wet-look/pvc/or even leather (if feeling brave) trousers/jeans, like me- I want to wear them more with different looks to spice up my wardrobe. ♥

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