Sunday, 14 October 2012

Autumn is not just for Halloween...

In the UK, Halloween is not as big as most other countries, e.g. The USA. 
This is partly why I don't like Halloween, Britain isn't as enthusiastic about it as the Americans are- jealous. I wish we got excited about things like them. Britain is very... conservative. Very private and a bit arrogant in themselves. Our people are not ones to make fools of themselves for fun or full of energy- we tend to moan at anything for the sake of moaning. (I could be just describing my mom here) 
ANYWAY. I've never had a good Halloween for as long as I remember, something has gone wrong, nothings happened, nothing to get excited about or to have fun with. This is the reason why I hate Halloween. But it's Halloween month; a reason for a week off College apparently, so I'm happy about that. But what I'm most happy about is the look of Halloween- the look of Autumn. You just think ORANGE, right? Pumpkins, tree leaves, sunsets. It's definitely the prettiest time of the year. So if you also don't enjoy Halloween, at least enjoy the environment. And Hey...
it's not long till Christmas!! ♥


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