Monday, 29 October 2012

Dear diary, it rains in the caribbean- I was not told this...

Dear diary, 
Today is the 4th day in the Dominica Republic, I expected to be bronzed and tanned by now- but unknown to my knowledge, it is hurricaine season and Hurricane Sandy just left us here and has gone to the US (to my US viewers; hoping you are not effected in anyway and you're staying safe). Unfortunately, we have been left we moments of showers from the sky instead of burning hot sunshine. Who wants to be sunbathing all day anyway? Oh right. me. 
So, i took this moment to write to you to let you know even though it has it's moments of drizzle here, it still has gorgeous soft white sand, the bluest clear sea and the coconut filled forest of palm trees. 
I'm quite enjoying being here. 
Hope to write you again soon diary.
Ps. please bring back some sunshine ♥

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