Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Get fit, get happy...

I am not a health and fitness finatic- I kinda wish I was though.
I've read through articles, people staying in shape do it not only to keep their body toned but to make them feel better on the inside which in turn, shows on the outside. It keeps you awake, stops the sluggish feeling and keeps you strong.
A new years resolution of mine was to get in shape finally and be happy with my body, I'd like to see an instant result- but that is completely unrealistic. So slow and steady it is. 
I'm a big food lover so I was never going to diet or deprive myself it's just about moderation and burning it off.
Getting a buddy. I'm pretty independent, therefore I was always going to do this solo but since telling my friend she was on board and now we run together and it is so much better this way- It gives me more motivation; I'm not going to let her down so I get out there and do the 3 mile run that I wouldn't have done without her. 
You'll be tired. I was knackered the first few days after working out but overall it's a happier result. And it makes me go into a deep sleep nice and early, so morning time I'm well rested and less slugish. Yay ♥
After my workout; bloody exhausted but you'd never know :)

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  1. Good for you! I need to be following your lead :)