Sunday, 10 February 2013

Style Crush of the Week...

Miranda Kerr.
She's a beautiful model, a mum to the cutest baby, and wife to the gorgeous Orlanda Bloom. Jealous? Yes, *sigh* me too. I honestly believe she is a lovely down to earth career woman who happens to be extremely well style, of course. Well styled in a non-pompus, comfortable and chic way. She is what I admire in fashion; someone who is comfortable to wear something practical and yet so in trend to suit herself. From a daily outfit of jeans and a sweater bright pumps and a accessorised hat can be pulled off by anyone but put together through her creativity. Definitely a style to be admired, followed and adored from the looks of Miranda Kerr ♥

Casual, comfortable and oh so chic. A model that I for once admire her style, classy and convenient and without splurging my hard earned money- simples


  1. Miranda has an incredible sense of style but she does look overly thin in some of those pics, her legs in particular :-(

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog for St Patrick's Day. You or some of your readers may want to swing by and have a look

  2. yaay i love miranda! great inspiration for sure! - xx Si