Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Week...

On Monday I got to have in lie in! These are so great after that horrible Sunday feeling. Do you get them too? Like when you were in school and you have to do your homework, have a bath, your mom gets your uniform ready and you go to bed early. Hate that feeling.
On Tuesday I spent all day painting at my dads work, boom earned £50!
On Wednesday my car broke down in the middle of some woods. Ever experienced that moment when the clutch pedal goes down...and doesn't come back up? And! I was by myself. Great, had to wait 3 hours before I could move. Best day, ever.
On Thursday, I had my hair done- I got her to do exactly what I wanted; success!
On Friday, I made cupcakes :) Good Friday meant family at home- Yay. 
On Saturday, I had work boo :( Then Drinks and dancing with colleagues, yay!
On Sunday-Easter Sunday- The clocks went forward which meant i only had 3 hours sleep- hungover for sure and had the joy of a 2 hours car journey to Manchester to see the family as it was also my Auntie's birthday! Was so lovely to see everyone, always fun.
Now tired, looking forward to a week of absolute laziness and friend time with my girls. Hope your week has been a fun one.
Happy Easter!! ♥

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