Sunday, 19 January 2014

Accessories; Sometimes. Sometimes not...

I'm a little torn when it comes to accessories.
Sometimes they complete an outfit. Sometimes they ruin an outfit- it takes away the focus of a well put together ensemble; high street, designer or vintage. 

Is there a rule when it comes to wearing accessories- when you should and should not where that necklace, those earrings, even that bag?
Like clothes, I go for the least fussiest accessories. Simple, stylish and still sassy. My personal rules for when accessories should be used, and when not; 

  1. The Chunky(/Statement) Necklace
    Choose a bold colour with a chunky necklace or one that matches your other jewellery (either gold or/and silver). When wearing all one colour clothes, such as black, the bold necklace will seperate a boring outfit to a beautiful one. This makes your look playful, fun and fashionable and can even take a daytime look at work to an evening one with only the change of shoes.  

  2.  The Statement Watch
    Since attending a fashion course this year I have discovered the trends of different watch brands. From high end watches that I favour myself such as; Michael Kors, to the retro styling of Casio watches. Watches are no longer for the use of knowing the time (we all have our phones for that) but for the colour, the sparkle and the style. If you have one already- wear it, it can class up an outfit or/and complete it.

  3. Bag and shoes
    The most obvious ones. I think every woman makes sure there shoes match their outfit before stepping out the door. It's a reflective instinct we have. Common knowledge. With bags we aren't as diverse- one suits all. And most of the time, especially the working girl, daytime rush, we only need one that holds all our crap. But for bags come with the same essence as jewellery; can add to the look. A shoulder bag= everyday look, Across the body bag= shopping at the London markets on Sunday, Clutch bag= Attending a fashion show or a night out. They all come with their purpose. My only rule to this is matching. Most of my boots and shoes are black- black goes with everything and I have a lot of black in my wardrobe. You can match your coat with your bag, your shoes with your bag or your dress. As long as the outfit comes together- you're safe.

  4. Earrings, Rings & Bracelets.
    "I think it would be tacky to wear diamonds before I'm forty." -Audrey, Breakfast at Tiffanys
    Some people do wear these everyday, some people don't ever. I wear my 2 simple silver rings everyday with my plain drop earrings or studs depending on my outfit. I think this section is up to you- just don't go over the top. I think anyone can wear whatever rings they want and it doesn't clash with what they wear. With earrings less is more. And with braceelets i try not to get anything that is too noisy or restrictive for me. But a statement bangle, a silver charm bracelet or a few plain dainty bangles look sweet and chic.

  5. Fifth and finally; Sunglasses and hats.
    These are of course, dependent on the weather. However, I do adore a fedora hat and as previous posts have stated, I am a collector of sunglasses. Sunglasses are a must in any womans handbag, and any mans car. You never know when you'll need them, and you'll be sorry if you don't. Plus you look sexy and sophisticated with the Audrey Hepburn style, or retro and cool with the vintage style. So many choices to make so many statements. And if you're feeling brave, hats aren't just to keep your head warm. Wooly hats look cute and cosy, fedora hats are very beautiful and fashionable and bomber hats are incredibly chic for anyone brave enough. Give it a try- Please! I am dying to see more people in hats. I do adore them, and admire my flatmate for wearing them even when she's hungover going for milk. Statement, or no statement accessories are required for their occasional uses ♥

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  1. I LOVE statement necklaces!
    loving OPs look here!