Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How to Survive when you're ill...

Getting older has meant I've become more tolerant with the colds and sickness' I have been getting. Being run down, not eating right, on the go too much and stress are the main reasons for this. How I deal with this? Simples...
  1. Have long sleeps.
    I mean long. Not 8 hours, 12-14. Just go slow, body needs rest so go to bed early and have lie-ins when you can. Keeping your body warm will keep it protected and minimise the time of your illness. Put the heater on, add extra layers and have a duvet day with lots of films.
  2. Eating properly.
    I definitely do not change my diet when I'm ill; I don't have soup after soup with vegatables to snack on. If you can- great! I can't. Fruit is amazing for this, hot drinks and lots of water. It comforts your body in you looking after it. I have lots of lemsip because its not just a medicine drink its hot and tasty; you feel better just sipping it. But with the good comes the bad= Chocolate. Whenever I'm ill it comforts me to snack on chocolate. And, as my dad says; it is scientifically proven to help you. Probably just a placebo effect but I'm not complaining; any excuse to have Cadburys.
  3. Put on a smile.
    You've got a cold. It's too late, nothing you can do- deal with it. Put on a brave face and go about your day. The more you feel sorry for yourself the longer it will stay with you. The better you forget about it the quicker it will go; you're basically rebelling against it. Don't make it miss important stuff in life!


  1. I love your blog

  2. That's exactly what I did thos weekend and now feel super fit again =) great blog!

    Much love xxx