Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Days in Dominican Republic...

De nada means your welcome.
The Caribbean makes good coffee.
Got bitten by mosquitos twelve times! TWELVE!
Drunk all these cocktails; Brandy Alexander, Sex on the Beach, Dominican Flag, Cosmopolitan, Pinicalada...
Fell in love with the cocktail; Bun Bun.
I can read 5 books on the beach, but 0 when at home.
I dream about Ryan Gosling when away from home.
I can't haggle.
Hurricane season is in October. Hmm...
Laying by the pool all day is exhausting. 
I'm pale. Very very pale.
Wishing the UK people were as lovely and friendly as the ones in Dom Rep.
I have a strong love for English food.
Even though it's super far from the UK, it was an amazing trip.

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