Thursday, 22 November 2012

Don't shame me...I watched the last ever Twilight...

..and it was amazing. I was impressed. I've read all the books and watched all the films and it was the first sequal where i've read and watched the entire collection. I never read the Harry Potter Books; only got to the 3rd film. Didn't read the Lord of the rings; missed the last film. Watched the first Hunger Games film, not read any books didn't really find it as good as I thought it woud be. And my new obsession sequal is of course; 50 shades of grey. I've read all 3 books. Twice. Not looking forward to the films though; they NEVER live up to the expectations of the books. Going to miss the Twilight phenomenom though. Don't shame me for liking it- I am a typical girl :) ♥

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