Sunday, 30 December 2012

Honestly, me...

I love going out for dinner, cocktails, cinema... I don't love clubbing- but I'm 18 so i'll pretend.
I love Glamour magazine and Marie Claire... I like pictures and fun not stook up and expensive; sorry Vogue.
I wear heels with straps so I don't fall out of pumps that don't hold my feet it.
I laugh alot because I love to, but put up a shield of quiet and shy.
I studied History in 5 years of high school and through A-levels but can't remember a thing of what I was taught...who was fighting and why in World War 1?
I have a lot of pink in my room, but hardly any clothing because I don't want to be seen as a barbie. 
I don't know if the course i'm majoring in at University is what I really want to do in my life..will I enjoy it, will I regret it?
Really want to do a dance class, but not independent enough to go it solo.
Hates children but secretely, maybe, a little bit...may have one when I'm older; we're talking 35+.
Had a completely, deeply obsessive crush over a guy in high school who turns out to become one of my now closest friends boyfriend. He's still pretty but personality has let me down a bit. Crush definitely gone. Phew.
Thinking my parents wished me and my brother could have become doctors, pilots or air hostess (mum does) and are secretely dispointed that we chose the creative routes of Fashion (me) and Journalism (him). Even if it's not said and they speak of how proud they are. 
Getting the Michael BubĂ© 2013 Calender again this year, and slightly hoping i had gotten concert tickets instead. 
Not having a specific taste in music and not really knowing what genre fits which. I like Beyonce, Bublé and Norah Jones- which category am I?
Hating and feeling shit whenever someone asks 'Do you have a boyfriend yet?'
Can not wait to move to London to have some space from my family, but hating when I'm alone in the house.
This is just how I am...honestly ♥

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