Saturday, 1 December 2012

Update; Skint...

Summer 2013 me and a friend are taking a 3 week trip to Italy going by Train so we can stop in the different countries on the way; France, Switzerland. I'm so excited about this and we'll talk about it more in another post nearer the time.
However, from December onwards (2 days from now-eek!) I will have to scrimp and scrape and save every single penny I'm given as it's obviously going to be one expensive trip- but once in a lifetime one I'm sure. Due to me going to University and getting straight into a career afterwards from September 2013 onwards, this basically is the last year I can be flexible and go places before I'm schedualed into plan. With Christmas now offically coming, I have to think about pressents and sale or no sale I can't buy anything new for myself until my holiday- It's going to be the hardest thing ever! The point to this rant? How am I going to survive on not spending?! Here are just a few things I will be doing that anyone can do to save the money, it is worth it- I hope. A little bit of money can go along way by saving on just a few things ♥

DIY Nails; 
My friend gets her nails done every 2 weeks- this can be gel nails to acrylics. But do you really want to get out of bed on a rainy saturday to go chat to a stranger who is filing down your nails? Get a bright nail varnish, put 2/3 layers on and 2 layers of clear gloss- voila you have professional nails. I have been asked by strangers, customers and friends "Are those gels?/ Where are they from?" And there I saved £30.

Homemade sandwitch/ tin soup;
Even if it is one day a week at work, take in that tin of soup from the cupboard or put some leftover roast chicken on some bread and take it with you! It will be suprisingly yummy and save you a fiver on a Subway sandwich.

Rent a book from the library;
Even if it's for a couple of weekends you lose yourself in your imagination (highly reccomend 50 shades of grey for doing this) you stop yourself for splashing out on the high street, entertain yourself from the cinema and keeps you away from the double digit spending on cocktails. Most importantly; you don't have a 48hour hangover wasted day in bed.

Have a movie marathon night in with the girls;
Whenever my friends want to meet up, they reccomend going for a night out. But when 12 girls are invited out about 4 of them have the cash to buy a new outfit, afford the taxi and spend on drinks and club entry. So why not try a night IN? I know it's always said but I always enjoyed these more- no need for make up and a tight dress to go out in the cold where you have to dance to pure noise with complete strangers. Where was the catch up and talking that was the purpose for this meeting? Bring your favourite movies, use up all the leftover chocalte in the house and get THEM to bring whatever goodies they want. Saved yourself, and them, at least £60/£70 that day and had a genuine hilarious catch up.

New Clothes! From ebay, friends and family; 
You'd be suprised how much clothes, jewellrey and furnitue off ebay is brand new! I'm talking high street shops such as Zara, to designers such as Louis Vuitton. Brand new seasonal items where people just forgot to take it back or got it as an unwanted gift. Whatever you need its there- and so cheap! Other ways are rooting through your friends/families wardrobe and finding out how much they wear it, if they offer it to you- genious! If they don't, just ask to borrow and you still have that brand new un-seen outfit. So simple and free! 

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