Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year Resolutions...

...are pretty much non existant by March at the latest, but it's always hopeful to believe they could last.
So keeping hope I have had concluded that 2013 will come with the differences of promises made on 1st January 2013. Thinking very Bridget Jones on this topic of post, however starting a diary definitely isn't on the list- as diary no.4 realised it was a struggle to fill.
  1. Become fit, healthy and finally feel comfortable with my body. Probably the most popular and most boring of resolutions, yet after Christmas the food goes and routine starts but to a new year means a new start and so exercise and healthy food comes into place- it really is down to lazyness, and I am one of many to be lazy.
  2. Dont let others get me down or be afraid to be myself- be happy all the time.
    I'll let you borrow this one too as I
    believe if everyone was happy, kind
    and laid back life would be so much
    more fun! (yes I'm writing this
    watching Mamma Mia- who wouldn't
    want to live in a musical?...occasionally.)  
  3. Become organised and do things
    weeks ahead instead of an hour ahead.

    This is mainly related to College work but as I start University in September I want to be able to do this well so work doesn't get on top of me and I can remain ahead of work and not stressed.
  4. Document life all the time; Photos every week
    I love photos, the make you remember times, show off your friends and fun you have- probably my favourite resolution and will come into place more from my Birthday on wards- Hello new amazing camera= hello beautiful pictures!
Happy New Year! 
Be safe, be happy and hope this year brings you nothing but fun and love!

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