Monday, 10 December 2012

When you wish hard enough... just might come true.
So I think after all the stress, all the troubles and all the tiredness that life has been like this few weeks- possibly even months, something exciting happened only a few hours ago that I just have to share with everyone. Eventhough you may find it boring and irrelevant, you're still going to know.
Was stressful (suprise) at college and I didn't end up leaving till 6pm when I finished at 3. But on my drive home I had a message on my i got home, went on my email and there waiting for me to lighten up my days was an offer for my first choice University! Remember that post on Westminster open day that I attended? Well thats the one. So happy! If all goes well, I will be moving away from my quiet country home to the top fashion city and head of the country; London. So excited ♥

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  1. that is so wonderful! congratulations and cheers to your new adventure!