Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 for the last time...

It's officially 1st January 2013. I can't quite believe it as it still feels only half a year in to 2012. As every year has ups and downs 2012 has been one to remember for a lifetime, especially being a Brit it sure is special. While I look forward to this year ahead, the new challenges, differences and scary changes it's exciting to know how my life is developing but also very fightening to know how fast I'm growing up- that's life I guess. One important thing I'm thankful for and looking forward to advancing this year is my little special blog. There may be thousands of them, some more popular than others and some never even looked at, but as a document of my life and the little world around me I thank you for looking, liking and sharing it with me. Let 2013 be an amazing year for you and open you to new experiences and life worthy excitement. 
Tailored Days creator, Natalie ♥
Celebrating New Years with my best friend and our close friends, one of which I have spent the past 3 NYE's with her and her boyfriend- "Kind of romantic" he told me.
I turned 18; officially an adult and legal to do the things I had already done for a few years before...

12 girls, one unforgetable fun holiday with my favourites.
Goodbye meal to the girls going off to University and not seeing each other every week like normal. This was a dinner with lots of tears.
My big brothers graduation was a very proud moment, for him to succeed so well of course makes me look up to him as someone to follow.
The last December home led to a quiet time with the family.

Hope 2013 will bring you much joy and happyness, but most of all; Love ♥

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