Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy Birthday to me...

Saturday was my birthday. Can't remember the last time I had the day off for my birthday. So it was filled with lots of laziness, and time to 'play' with my presents- just like the child at heart that I am. 
Extremely happy and thankful for my new SLR camera from my family as well as a massive Fashion bible book to take with me to University. Couldn't believe how amazing my family were and made me a very happy girl ♥


  1. Oh, that looks like an awesome b-day! And the presents are perfect, I'm sure you'll love your new camera :). And... Happy b-day! :D
    Thanks for your comment, it means a lot. You've got a nice blog :).


  2. Aw thank you! It means a lot when I get comments like this :) Love your blog too xx ♥