Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Style Crush of the Week....

Emma Stone.
The very witty, down to earth actress is quickly becoming the most popular actress at her age. Not only does she pull off sexy with her beautiful looks and raspy voice, she pulls off stylish extremely well.
When I'm asked 'who are your style icons' or 'who inspires you in fashion', I don't tend to follow celebs and pop stars, everyone sees something or follows someone and even though in what my future career will 100% be all about, I don't tend to follow trends in my fashion style. I like what is comfortable, what looks fresh, bright and still fits in. And I believe Emma has this somewhat similarity. 
When not in an all one colour feminine dress on the red carpet, she's casual in jeans, flats and a blazer. She does comfortable in the way I follow. And I admire her in that she knows what she suits, what she likes and is not going to change into something different despite her career or purse size. I believe being you is the best character you can be, and she definitely pulls that off pretty damn well ♥

Jeans, Flats and a jacket= Your're suited for anywhere in the day.

A girly dress in one colour- can not go wrong, as long as you have great heels to match; no accessories needed. Simply elegant.

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  1. Love that peach dress! It looks barely there but so gorgeous with her skintone!

    Mags xxx