Friday, 11 January 2013

My week...

On Monday, I had a one-off movie day snuggled with my mum.
On Tuesday, I drove the dogs to a nearby forest/field for a long walk, after it had been slowly raining that day, when moving out of the way for a car to get past, I ended up slowly getting further and further stuck in a ditch. It took my father, my brother and his friend with his mercedes to pull my car out. Worst day. Never again.
On Wednesday, I got my hair highlighted and cut- which I regret as she gave me a bloody fringe, I did not want one! I'm not 12. Then she continued cutting and i now have super short hair. Not good at all. After that disaster, I went out for a girly dinner with the girls. Really Lovely.
On Thursday, back to college. My three week Christmas holiday finally ended. Humpf. It was a long day.
Friday, I had a road trip to where my un-delivered package was waiting for me and later I'm out for early-birthday-drinks with the guys from College. my 19th Birthday. Ahh! Why is it that up to your 18th Birthday you can't wait for your birthday, but after that mileston you can't get further away from your birthday. Is it me, or is it going too fast now. I don't want to grow up!

Hope your week had less dramas then mine, and that un-like mine you're 2013 is going well with lots of fun and happiness♥

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