Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Itinerary...

As I've spoken before, me and a friend are taking a trip through Europe to Italy for 3 weeks in July. I'm so excited, it definitely will be a once in a life time/one to remember trip and I definitely am counting down the days. We've decided to take the train to Paris from the UK, spend a few days there then journey to Switzerland to spend a day in the capital, Bern and take the next 2 weeks in the beautiful cultured country, Italy. We've put together a little list that I'm sure will be extended as the months go on. For now I'm just going to give you taster to what's on the list ♥
  1. Eat baguettes on the grass facing the Eiffel Tower, Paris. 
  2. Go window-shopping in the city (try not to buy designer stuff- this includes Louboutin heels!) Paris
  3. Try snails and froglegs- even if it sounds grossly off-putting, Paris.
  4. Go on the canal ride in Central Martins, Paris. 
  5. Go wild on chocolates in Switzerland.
  6. Go on a bike ride to see the stunning landscape in Switzerland.
  7. Do a romantic boat ride on the canals in Venice
  8. Buy a painting, Venice
  9. Visit Juliets balcony in Verona
  10. Have our homemade proper Italian Pizza for dinner, Verona
  11. Have Italian coffee in the city where Starbucks CEO was inspired, Milan
  12. Have cocktails in a swanky bar, Milan
  13. Find a bargain Italian made bag from a flea market, Milan
  14. Take a bus tour around Rome
  15. Visit the Collaseum, Rome
  16. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, Rome 
  17. Take a horse and carriage ride after Pasta, Rome
  18. Try every flavour of Gelato, Rome
  19. Sunbathe next to the Ocean, Naples. 
  20. Screw the train and get a flight home, Naples. 


  1. I am so jealous!! I did a study abroad in Paris last winter and am missing it so much already. I hope you have an amazing trip, feel free to email me with any questions about what to do in Paris!

    new follower :)

    1. In the winter? Must have been freezing! I've been to disneyland a couple of times when I was a child but now I think I can finally take a proper 'touristy' look around. I'm sure it will live up to my expectations. Thank you so much I will be sure to ask loads of questions nearer the time without doubt!
      Thanks for following, so sweet! In return I immediately fell in love with your blog! However I am afraid that visiting your blog everyday is bad for my health- All the food looks amazing. You have a beautiful family and lovely blog. New fan! ♥

  2. If you're going to stop in Bologna just add
    21) eating tortellini!!!

    ciao from Italy!!!