Thursday, 19 April 2012


Sorry I've been MIA this week, started back at College and not had any time free! Can not wait till summer!
And this summer i will be wearing...lace. I love it! I think it is so feminine, so simple and can make anything elegant and more glamorous. Not many lace has been across the runways for this Spring/Summer collection but I have definitely seen it around the shops and It's definitely on my wish list! Here is a quick look at what I mean and what I will be looking for this season ♥
Is it just me or is black lace sexy? I think it's because it is used alot on lingerie. 
This beautiful top can be found here

This is a top that is actually in my 'wishlist' pile on Its a light pink with crochet/lace materical and a drop back; simple, pretty and girly. Get it before me here.

 The perfect lightweight item this summer; white lace skirt or shorts. It is the garnment where you could just slip on with a cardigan and you've made an easy, cute outfit. This one is from H&M (but I also adore a pair of lace shorts or the scallop cut ones that big right now.)

Red! It's not a colour you think of when you picture lace but this bright and beautiful dress is just stunning in this colour- in white i think i would have overlooked it! I wear a lot of red, I think it's my blonde hair that compliments the colour so it's one of my prefered colour in dresses, my prom dress was red, my christmas dresses are red and i have a couple short-at-front-long-at-back dresses. Grab this one before it goes; it's pure sophisticaiton.

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