Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Night Out...

So I'm sick. I have a nasty cold and as a result I am wrapped in a blanked with tissues and chocolate watching dopey romantic films instead of getting ready for a night of drinking and clubbing. But since I'm forced to stay in, here is what I could have worn for a night out.
For me, legs have to be on show, I'm not one to where leggings and jeans when going dancing so dresses, skirts and shorts are my go-to bottoms. The downside to dresses is you can only wear it once or twice a year, where as with skirts and shorts all you have to do is change the top and heels and you've got a brand new outfit, but with a dress it is the 'safe' option and the most girliest!There are too many pretty dresses for me to show you so until another post, here I am just going to show you what looks good on the bottoms. Take a look at what's in store if you're looking for inspiration ♥

The Bodycon Skirt