Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Style Crush of The Week...

Jennifer Lawrence
The Hunger Games came out last friday and although I have never read the books or showed any interest in the trailers advertised on T.V, I have become increasingly drawn to Jennifer Lawrence these last couple of weeks. I am watching The Hunger Games tomorrow so hopefully the fantasy and high expectations, from what the reviewers have persuaded me with, will live up to the reality but even though the witty American Actress has got talent she also has style. She was also on my last Months cover of Glamour; issue March 2012, and throughout the interview she was laidback, normal and cool within her own skin. Aswell as having obvious gorgeous photos in the Magazine her personality shines through and she is nothing but funny, classy and down to Earth. She has shown a very comfortable and cool look and knows how simplicity goes a long way. I'm not one to make a big statement and hope for the best; with me, comfortabilty and stability is key when chosing an outfit- I want to wear something which will be suitable all day and won't make me feel out of place. Here are a few pics of my style crush of the week (hopefully you'll see why)

Images found from Glamour UK and Justjarred.

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