Friday, 27 April 2012

What's in my bag...

I wasn't going to do this post yet as I have alot of different clothes related posts ready to research into first, but as it's Friday and I have alot to do today I thought this would be quick and easy and as I am such a nosey person I love seeing this post on other blogs. 
I love having a big bag as it lets me keep in all my essentials plus all the other things you wouldn't think you need but come in super handy. Aswell as sneaking in your own food & drink into the cinema. Take a look at what's inside my bag ♥

  1.  Notebook for notes and lists wherever i am an need to remember things; College, CafĂ©, Supermarket etc
  2. Filofax for my diary notes on when I'm in work, when assignments are due etc
  3. Raybans I always have a pair or two of sunglasses in my bag aswell as a pair in my car
  4. Hairbrush and bobby pins for when it's hot or i'm driving or just having a bad hair day
  5. Nail polish remover pads which is very rare in a handbag but you'll never know how much this comes in handy when I'm at work and nail polish is chipped it looks so crappy
  6. Purse in chinese style which was a gift that I love, inside is alot of coins, cards, ID and many loyalty cards and gift cards
  7. Hand gel
  8. Lacoste perfume always needed for a spritz when i'm out and about
  9. Vaseline, Rimmel Coral lipstic & Revlon concelar
  10. Kleenex tissues are used up more from my friends then I use them but definitely a must
  11. Strepsils are only a current need due to my crappy cold
  12. Socks, as I wear alot of dolly shoes in british weather it is good to wear socks for when it rains or just cold
  13. And finally Keys; house keys, car keys and alot of keychains.
  14. Oh and my handbag of course which is from Accesorize years ago, awaiting a new one- it's on my wishlist.

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