Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Be different, be you...

Two years a go I started my A-levels. I took Business, History, Design Technology and Art. Now I'm doing my second year at College in my Business Diploma course- clear that I didn't complete my A-levels? Right now I should be in my gap year doing work experience at a fashion department head offices. But no. Thinking back I could never understand why my Art got such a low grade when my friend tried less, did less and her work was so different and basic from mine; mine should have been marked from a different view. I always say 'Fashion is art, Art is subjective'. This applies not only in Art and Fashion but in everything about you. Your hairstyle, Music interests, tattoo choice, hobbies, books etc etc. 
My point to this long rant is; never change who you are, stop what you're doing or try and be something you're not. Express yourself and make life what you want to be, after all only you have to live it. Be different, be subjective, be you.

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