Sunday, 23 September 2012

Style Crush of the week...

Jennifer Lopez... J Lo... Jenny From the block.

Everybody has to be reminded of her age; 43! Can you believe it? 
Dancer and Singer and Actress and once Fiance to 3, but Wife to 2 and Mother of 2. Then after giving birth and raising her twins, she still made movies and started singing again at 40- looking as hot as she did 20 years earlier. She's still got it. 
After she divorced her last husband not long ago I remember watching a video of her singing in concert ( I think ) where she broke down and I felt for her. Here's a woman that's worked her ass off to make a life for herself and the best one she could. Shes so strong and talented but so human too. Seeing her in interviews, in movies and on stage you can see she's nothing but down to earth, humble and appreciative of her life and I believe she deserves the best. 
Heres to another 43 years of Jennifer Lopez from the Bronx, staying stylish, loving and herself ♥
She loves her lace up booties in picture 1 & 2. And shows off her killer figure in picture 3 & 4.
And just for fun, here she is on Ellen- playful, full of humour and a laugh. Enjoy ♥

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