Sunday, 16 September 2012

Frills and Flowers...

I'm currently a student living at home; next year I will be living away at University for 4 years and then hopefully, if enough money is saved up, I will be living in my own space- if not I will still be saving up at the family home. Right not however we have our house for sale, has been for a while, problem is we can't find a new house to love. We did find a beautiful white stoned run down house that we think used to be an old pub a while back, but it got snatched up before we had any chance. And so I have been stuck with my 8 year old chinese themed bedroom. Right now I can't wait for a new place to start decorating something new and fresh. I want it to be pale- lots of white; walls, bed, wood and pastel colours. I love the vintage chic french styled bedrooms and the mix and matched furniture. I just can't wait to create my own style. Here is what I will be wanting when I finally get to play around ♥

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