Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I am always...

I am always untangling my headphone wires,
I am always talking too much after too much caffeine,
I am always crying at movies like the Green Mile and Moulin Rouge
I am always wearing socks to bed (sometimes even in summer)
I am always forgetting to charge my toothbrush
I am always out of cash
I am always buying frames with no intention of putting photos in them
I am always looking on ebay for something I want but don't need
I am always taking photos of my dog and never me
I am always leaving things to the last minute, but always plan ahead
I am always finding things to laugh at
I am always... me ♥


  1. love it, did you write it?

  2. you are so cute, I love your blog.
    I'm always shopping!

  3. Thanks so much that means alot!
    I did write it. I've got more like it labeled under 'Random' or 'Lists'
    Thanks for the comments :) ♥