Friday, 3 August 2012

50 Shades of Grey...

If you don't know about it (but i'm pretty sure you do) this is currently the fastest selling book in the charts! And as I was preparing for my summer holiday, I had to get a book for the 4 hour plane journey and sunbathing entertainment! It was actually my work colleagues that told me about this book a month ago- at the time I had no idea about it- but everyone had it on holiday and now I'm back it's everywhere. Out of the 12 of us girls, 9 of us had the book or had read it already! And after 2 weeks I read all 3 of the 50 Shades trilodgy. It is addictive and you grow to it, it's unlike most books but then again similar to most in some ways; the growing romance, the drama- and as the author admitted from her inspiration- it has similar aspects to the Twilight novels. Overall, I did like it and it has increased my desire to have a romantic fantasy life- I want to live in a novel and have a story-like romance...i'm still waiting. But If you are thinking of getting it- Do. It's romantic, sexy, suprising and sometimes sad. But it is definitely a book to tick off the list. What am I supose to do now I've finished all 3 books? I will have to wait for the movie.... or the real thing? ♥

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