Friday, 24 August 2012

Parka Parka...

So this year I've decided to get organised. I start back at College in a couple of weeks and I know this year is going to be very chaotic and stressful with lots of work as it's my final year, dealing with University applications for next year, going to open days etc. Then theres christmas in 4 months! I'm planning on taking lots of road trips with the friends that are not going to Uni this year to visit the friends that have. A little busy eh?
Anywho, Autumn is coming! I know it's still Autumn but it will creep up on you quicker then you think and before you know it you will be in coats and wellies again. What I'm looking at already-and here is where my organisation comes into it- is Parkas. I've never really had a Parka but I've recently found gorgeous ones with fur inside to keep me warm as well as being light weight and having a hood! It's kind of perfect. So here are a few of my favourite Parkas in the shops already! ♥
Matalan £32                                                       Topshop £95

Republic £55                                                     Dorothy Perkins £55  

Urban Outfitters £98                                        Zara £89.99

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