Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Actual model material...

Mr David Gandy.

There are always things I moan about in Britain; the weather, the Government, the trashy tv (yes I am talking Eastenders) but more often that not, other things do make me very proud; Fashion of all things is my number one. And as well as the eclectic street styles and globally successful designers of Burberry and Stella McCartney, are the just as important (and just as fabulous) world known talented models. And one British model, a Gent no doubt, is the fabulous David Gandy- aka 'The white pants guy' due to his very successful, well known work with Dolce and Gabbana- sexy advert no?
At the London Olympics closing ceremony, as it was British themed, models were included into the show such as Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Naomi Campbell, Georgia Jagger and of course himself, the most successful male supermodel, David Gandy. Aswell as being obviously handsome, he has beautiful taste in fashion and writes his own blog on It's not very often that men are noticed for their fashion. Not to be sexist, but traditional. Men have strength and brains, women can multitask and know what shoes look good with an outfit- most of them. However, when in a sea of hoodies and trainers it is noticed when a fitted jacket with well polished brogues appear. It is rare, it is impressive and it's very attractive. So, of course, the pictures included are to show off David's tailored smart style and fashionable sense, that I believe all men should take note from... its just a perk that he's pretty

 Mr Gandy looking sharp in his casual wear, with the popular item being a classic pair of jeans.

And of course looking dapper in a suit, wearing a waistcoat and handkerchief in jacket pocket is very 1950's fashion- I love ♥

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