Sunday, 19 August 2012

Made In England...

It may be because of the Olympics and that UK came THIRD - which is just crazy for our tiny country but it has me thinking about England alot. Living somewhere all your life makes you immune to most things, however as I travel and holiday around the world it makes me sum up the things I love and hate about England. Now not to moan or even put you off from visiting the UK, there are a few things I...dislike about England;
  • The un-predictable, forever miserable weather
  • The cringe-worthy soap operas on TV, complete opposite of the glossy 'fabulous' US shows
  • The guys who think they're tough and look cool when they actually look like total douche-bags and to be honest scare me a little- we call these Chavs.
  • Not having a pool in every garden, I know it's uncessary but It's nice to atleast be considered
  • The lack of decent gentlemanly mannered smoldering men...
Okay okay, somethings are just never going to change where I live, but something I love to stay the same and make me proud to be British

  • The character in old homes, churches and buildings
  • The traditional country pubs in almost every village
  • Great British films; James Bond, Harry Potter, Notting Hill etc
  • The amazing fashion that we style, everyone seems to be dressed differently whether it works or not- it's like art, it's subjective and I love all of it
  • We can be patriotic when we want to; shy away the rest of the year but at the Jubilee, Royal Weddings and London Olympics we get together, all become friends and wave our flags.

Just a part of being English I guess...♥

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