Monday, 6 August 2012

What will i do...

I'm a planner. I like to know what is happening, where it is and when it is. 
And not knowing about where my future will take me- freaks me out!
If only I could look at myself in 10 years time and ask "Are you completely happy?" and get a solid 100% "YES!" then I could relax. But I can't- so I can't. 
Since I was a child I've never known what I wanted to do when I 'grew up'; I wanted to be an actress, a lawyer, a dancer, an estate agent and a journalist and now...I don't know. But in less than 3 months I have to decide in order to apply to Universities. 
I want a career where I can meet loads of people, travel the world, have a laugh get to spend time with people I love and earn enough that I'm comfortable- does this job exist? Probably 75% of people think this all the time, but I don't want a wasted degree, a wasted 4 years and a massive regret that will change my life. 
I really wish I could know now what I will ♥ 

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